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“Find beauty in the details."  ~Tessa Garcia Consejo

My love for accessories started when I was young. Jewelry (and shoes) was a staple in my mother's closet, and it was full of accessories from necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and clutches. All the pieces were unique and served a purpose or set the stage for a grand appearance. I was so fascinated every time she put on accessories; I could see the confidence emerge. My mom taught me there was power in accessories that make women feel stunning. SPATE Boutique was formed with the idea of wanting to be part of your story by curating unique, modern, and beautiful jewelry. My mission is that women will find jewelry from my boutique that increases their confidence, brings out their inner beauty, and shares in showcasing a piece of your story.

Blessings and Love!

Our mission

Our mission is to curate stylish, lifestyle comfort accessories and gifts. 

Our Story

SPATE Boutique is a lifestyle fashion accessory, apparel and gift boutique. We celebrate women decorating themselves in beauty and confidence. Each piece is curated to tell a story. In 2014, Ebony founded SPATE Boutique because there was a void in the market for unique jewelry - it was time to redefine the average jewelry shop. Our versatile collection of pieces are perfect for women who want chic, quality, comfortable jewelry and want to look stunning with a modern and stylish edge. Our fashion accessories are natural extensions of your personality.  Women play many roles in this world, and have limited possesions make them feel amazing.  We aim to make sure our products have a positive impact in the lives of our customers.