New Collections for SPATE Boutique

New Collections for SPATE Boutique

If you have found your way to our website or shopped with us at a pop-up market, you know we are passionate for unique, beautiful and quality jewelry.  We have been in the jewelry business since 2013 and it is time to move on to new products we can sustain digitally. Yes, the website is digital but we have found with jewelry that people want to touch and feel jewelry.  We want to be globally and starting out as a small business it is a challenge to reach and grow the business with the type of jewelry we sell.   

Most people ask "why" we would remove our jewelry collection when it has been our main attraction for years.  The answer is simply, my purpose has changed.  I have always been a multi-faceted entrepreneur with creative ideas and it is time to expand on the ideas and not limit the brand to one thing.  

At this time, we will not restock necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. All jewelry items will be 50% off the lowest price, so if you have been watching an item - now is your time to "add to cart" and buy that fabulous item.  We will bring in new tech accessories, drinkware, fashion accessories and t-shirts and gift items.  We pray you will continue the journey with us and love our new products even more.  The new products allow us to add our creativity and brand into the mix and not continue to only offer resell products.  

In the meantime, start your shopping experience with the additional 50% off all sale items.

Thank you for being a customer, supporter, and family to the brand.

Much love!


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